Hang Mua view point

Only a 20 minute (40-50 minutes if you stop for photos of rice paddy fields, goats and surrounding hills as much as we do) cycle ride from Tam Coc boat station is the epic view point of Hang Mua.

We combined this hike to the view point with Trang An boating (which took a solid hour to cycle to and lasted 3 hours!), as they’re in the same direction.

Using Tam Coc boat station as a base, cycle up the highway towards Ninh Binh and Tam Coc bus station for 3-4 minutes then hang a left straight after the bus station, which will take you into a grid network of paddy fields and some home-stays and local houses.

There was SO much traffic (goats!) on the paths. It takes 10 minute to gently bump along the flat path heading right at any point you like to reach the Main Street which is tarmaced. From this road, turn left and you’re on the road to Hang Mua. Lots of pretty sights along the way create perfect photo stops but it’s an easy cycle, even on the rickety bikes you tend to be given by your guesthouse, on completely flat roads.

Hang Mua, a left turn, is well signposted – you can’t miss it. Plus you can see the steps and the dragon from a distance!

People will try and get you to park your bike along the short road there, but it’s easiest just to wait for the last bike stop as they are all the same price (10,000VND). Some of the others were offering free bike parking if you bought a drink from them – perfect if you need a water bottle etc as it equates to roughly 10,000VND as well.

A tranquil walk to the cave at the bottom of the ascent takes around 10 minutes through nice gardens and more rice paddies, then it’s just a simple staircase with relatively nice- sized steps to the top.

10minutes non- stop or a slow paced 20 minutes will get you to the summit and grant you the epic views you see below.

Totally worth it!!

Take a good while to rest and absorb the view at the top, or your jelly legs might struggle to get you downhill! (We’d been cycling all day – that was my excuse!).

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