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We booked 3 nights in Hoi An and immediately increased it to 5 nights! So many people travelling on a free schedule so this! Everyone says after arriving they immediately want to stay longer: So why is it so good?

Great variety of accommodation for all budgets

For us, we’d be pretty high speed and it was the perfect place to properly unpack our bags and slow the pace for a few days. What made that more do-able was our AMAZING homestay, around 15 minutes walk from the old town at “Gia Vien”. We honestly both agreed this was the best place we’ve ever stayed (including 5* hotels), as the hospitality, the facilities and the food was just top notch! You felt like you were as comfortable as staying in their house, but with thoughtful immaculate service! I can’t recommend them highly enough should you ever visit Hoi An.

Our lovely homestay had these flowers waiting for us when we arrived!
The homestays’ porch
The owners; husband and wife couple Dong and Linh

Exploring the old town

Beautiful historical buildings abound. Temples, assembly halls, old houses and bridges, all from when Hoi An was called Faifo and traded with Japanese and Chinese merchants many years ago.

Chinese Assembly Hall
One of many beautiful streets in the Old Town
Chinese symbols from afar, beautiful birds when viewed close
All the lanterns
The temples and assembly halls have beautiful gardens
Another temple
Making Mark pose because he blends in with the shop front door

Food and drink

Aside from our hosts’ AMAZING Cau Lau every morning for breakfast, we also enjoyed other food in Hoi An.
Coffee houses and amazing restaurants galore are enough to fill a relaxing day of mooching around!
We loved What Else coffee shop and Cargo Club, Streets and the Hoianian for a lovely dinners in the old town.

Always happy when I’m eating! This dish is ‘My Quang’
The ‘White Rose’ at Streets. Hoi An speciality
Dinner and drinks at Cargo Club
Starter at the Hoianian
My favourite Vietnamese Food – Cau Lau: pork with thick noodles in the most delicious aromatic spiced broth with oodles of fresh herbs and mint on top to your liking, and crackling too. Absolutely divine!


We’re travelling so we can’t really buy much to take home with us. That said we brought some beautiful art in the old town as well. There’s art galleries everywhere.

A lot of people come to Hoi An for getting clothes tailored. The quality is meant to be great for the price and the tailors offer a quick turnaround service. As we didn’t use any, we can’t recommend any.

Lantern making

We were so caught up with how beautiful the lanterns are in every house and garden that we decided to do a course to make them! Check out our blog post all about it!

Cycling around the countryside and beach

There’s so many bike tours you can go on the cycle in a group around the countryside and to the beach. We did ours DIY though and we borrowed bikes from the homestay and of we went with a map. Very straight forward and a good way to spend half a day. We wrote a blog post about that too!

Cooking course

There are literally hundreds of cooking courses available in Hoi An, but we chose Herbs and Spices. Their courses are for six or less people and feel hands on and exclusive. We did the market tour first and enjoyed seeing the “real Hoi An” early morning markets in that way. We made four dishes and our favourite unanimously in the group was the fish in banana leaf. It was so deliciously flavoured with so many spices and herbs. It was mouth wateringly good!!!

Standard market scenes
‘Mincing’ the meat, without a mincer. Great fun pummelling it for ages with meat cleaver!
The delicate job of cooking the spring rolls
Love seeing the traditional way people sell produce
Finished! Bun Cha, Baked fish in banana leaf, spring rolls and our home made dipping sauce


We also enjoyed our down time. Mark went to a gym he found and I visited nomad yoga after finding them on google. Again, we borrowed bikes from the homestay and went off for our own bit of time.

As the pictures show, Hoi An is a special place. Spending an absolute MINIMUM of 3 days here is our recommendation!



  1. Mark

    If yoga isn’t your thing, the facilities (and prices) at Superfit are excellent. There’s a good amount of new equipment and you can always get a bench.

    I paid 200vnd for a 3 day pass which didn’t need to be used on consecutive days.

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