Our journey so far…

The view of Half Dome from the top of North Dome

“A fast-paced, impulsive and highly organised Veterinary Surgeon; and a slow -paced, pragmatic and laid back Digital Marketer, compromising our way around the world!”


Appetite for Travel started as an Instagram account, sharing pictures of all our travels, food we eat and fun (mostly!) that we have. When people began following our stories (and occasionally finding them amusing!), asking our advice and travel tips, we decided to bring all this together in one place: Appetite for Travel has grown into a website to share stories and anecdotes of our experiences around the globe.


We LOVE to travel. We do this, as often as time and money allows, around our full- time jobs in the UK, near London.

We LOVE to eat and cook. Food plays a big role in the way we travel (always planning places to visit around our rumbling bellies and foodie recommendations) and is a wonderful way to experience new countries and cultures. We like to cook recipes we’ve picked up around the world, and want to share these with you too!

We also have a cat, called Millie, who we like to talk about (and to!) a lot.


As of January 2018, we are embarking on a 5- month sabbatical to South East Asia.

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